Gourmet Ranch offers five different cuts of Sirloin Top Butt Steaks. There are others, but these are the most commonly preferred on the market today.

Baseball-Cut Top Butt Steak / Filet of Sirloin: These steaks are cut from the center muscle in such a way that they look just like a tenderloin filet – taller and rounded in shape. The baseball cut is an excellent alternative steak to the tenderloin filet for economical banquet applications, as well as a unique standalone entree.

Top Butt Cap Steak: These steaks are cut from the top butt “cap” muscle only, also known as the “coulotte.” They are nicely marbled and rich in beefy flavor. This cut can also be left whole and used for traditional carving. They are excellent for buffets, as a center-of-the-plate entree or for petite sandwiches.

Center-Cut Top Butt Steak: Center cuts are the most popular cut for top butt steaks. The “cap” and “flap or mouse” muscles are removed and the “center” muscle is square-cut into portioned steaks. This steak has great flavor and texture. It is also very good as a center-of-the-plate entree and for sandwiches.

Semi-Center Cut Top Butt Steak: The semi-center cut leaves the “cap” and “center” muscles together but the “flap or mouse” muscle is removed. The muscle is then cut into portioned steaks. Since there are two muscles still connected, this cut is a less desirable steak, but it is more affordable.

Full Face Top Butt Steak: This steak is cut by leaving all three muscles intact and square-cut into portioned steaks. It is the most economical top butt steak cut. However, it is also the least desirable because it includes connective tissue (sinew), plus the “flap” or “mouse” muscle, which is best used for grinding-meat.

Make No Butts About It!

When ordering top butts, it is important to keep in mind that they deliver the best eating experience in Prime and Choice quality grades, and when they are cooked no more than medium-rare to medium. Sirloin Top Butt Steaks deliver value, variety and versatility. They are a highly cost-effective and marketable menu choice. All top butt steaks can be merchandised as “Top Sirloin Steaks” on the menu.

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