At Gourmet Ranch, we believe well done is a compliment, not a cooking temperature. No matter how you slice it, dice it, grill it, or fry it, we have all the meats you need to meet your needs.

At Gourmet Ranch, our chicken is fresh, tender and moist—just the way it should be. Cut and processed “just-in-time” when you place your order, ensuring maximum shelf-life. From whole WOGS to airline breasts and versatile chicken trim, our collection of chicken products will satisfy all your menu occasions. Gourmet Ranch offers a large selection of cuts, available in skinless, skin-on, solution and no solution, as well as a variety of trim options—sliced and diced just the way you want it.

As the No. 1 consumed protein globally, pork is a popular carrier for on-trend multicultural flavors and dishes. And today’s pork is also more lean, tender and flavorful than ever before. Our offerings include all-natural product, breed-specific programs, and a full collection of commodity pork. Our hand-cut items include chops, cutlets, frenched rib racks, butts, bellies, and osso bucco…to name a few. Whether used as an ingredient or center-of-the-plate, pork is a perfect enhancement to your menu.

Our high-quality collection of beef includes USDA Prime, Choice and Select, along with exclusive breed-specific and all-natural programs. Check out our Premium Brands to learn more. At Gourmet Ranch, we wet age our steaks a minimum of 21 days and hand-cut to your exact specifications. From bone-in, premium middle meats to value cuts perfect for lunch menus, we are your custom-cut butcher shop. Let us take the labor out of your kitchen and ensure consistency plate after plate.

Looking for that unique item sure to put your menu on the map? From chicken fried steak to fajitas or venison, we’ve got you covered! Gourmet Ranch offers a wide assortment of wild game, along with veal and lamb. And while producing great tasting meat is no laughing matter, our signature “funny bird,” a de-boned whole chicken, is great for your own stuffings and fillings. Looking to serve the best chicken fried steak in town? Our popular beef cutlets are trimmed and processed by hand to deliver a fork-tender bite every time. We also offer beef and chicken fajita meats, available in your choice of two authentic and delicious flavors—Rancho Rojo and Dos Compadres.

Ground fresh and made-to-order daily, choose from our large collection of patty sizes and grinds. From breed specific to sub-primal blends, our mouthwatering burgers will make your buns jealous! We also offer a variety of grinds from fine to coarse, packaged both loose and in COV bags. In addition to our beef grinds, we also offer ground pork; or let your culinary creativity run “wild” with ground boar, duck, elk, venison, antelope, or buffalo.